Summer Savings

Should you stay, or should you go now?

Either way, summer savings are coming your way! However you plan to spend your sum, sum, summa time we’re here to help you make the most out it.

It’s time to get away 

Our summer vacation loan* rate has never been lower! With a rate as low as 6.00%apr* up to $5,000.00, it’s a summer steal. Pay it off in 12 months and be ready to go for next years vacation. Are you planning on going big with your vacation? Apply Here for a personal loan up to $25,000.00. As with all loans, restrictions do apply but we promise to make it as easy breezy as possible.

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Take a Staycation

Now is the best time to consolidate your debts. With rates as low as 8.25 % APR* for up to $25,000.00 and terms as long as 60 months, this Summer the savings are HOT. Stay home and save for a rainy day while getting your financial fitness under control. Take control with a Staycation Consolidation loan.

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Skip-A-Pay and play

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of your loans Skip-A-Pay option. Take a vacation from your loan payment and use your extra cash to play. Find out more details on how you can choose to skip your payment any time of the year, we recommend summer though.

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Save for a rainy day

Is this year just not your year to get away? Let’s help you find ways to have next year be your year! Debit card roundup allows you to round up each transaction and store that loose change in your savings for a rainy day (or next years vacation). Find out more on how you can enroll for Debit card round up and keep your change. Did you know you can set up a separate savings account for whatever money you want to keep …separate? We call them sub-accounts but you can name it whatever you want. Set up an automatic transfer to put aside cash for your next big trip.

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Share the love

This isn’t just a summer fling, we want this love to last. You know when you find something great and you want to tell other people about it? We just made that super easy and rewarding too. We love our members and we want more people just like you contributing to our local, cooperative credit union. Share the love (that’s us) with friends and family and get $25* once they catch the wave (open an account). *Restrictions apply, find out more here.

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*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Vacation and Consolidation loans are subject to loan underwriting. Vacation loan promotion is for a maximum 12-month term. Our 6.00% rate is for members with FICO 08 scores of 740 and above as determined through Experian. Rates will be higher for all other FICO scores and will be disclosed at the time of application. Accounts must be in good standings. Six months of employment required and proof of income may be required. The promotional rates end on August 30, 2019. Rates and terms are determined by dollar amount and credit qualifications and are subject to change.