Savings, Money Market, Certificates

South Bay Credit Union offers savings and investment accounts designed to make your money work harder.

The Membership Share Account is an important first account as it provides access to all other Credit Union services and conveniences. Credit Union member/ownership is established with your Membership Share Account. One “share” of ownership – a low $5 minimum balance – must remain on deposit at all times to qualify you as a member/owner. Membership Share Accounts earn competitive dividends which are paid monthly. And, the more you save, the higher your dividend rate.

Need Account Assistance?
To open a Membership Share Account, simply fill out a Signature Card and return it to the Credit Union with your minimum $5 opening deposit. You can also apply online for membership.

Share Certificates
Invest with confidence when you utilize a higher-earning, Share Certificate Account. Returning higher dividends in exchange for fixed investment terms, Share Certificates are a helpful option for nearly every saver. Choose the term that best fits your requirements, from 3 to 60 months.  All you need is a minimum of $1,000 to get started today.  Dividends are paid quarterly and at maturity. Rates are subject to change (check them out HERE.)

Holiday Account
To help you save for holiday expenses, South Bay Credit Union offers a convenient Holiday Club Account. Open this account at any time. It will earn dividends until it matures in November. Find out more here.

Money Market
South Bay Credit Union’s Money Market Account (MMA) earns higher dividends in exchange for the higher minimum opening balance requirement of $2,500. And, not only is this higher-earning account a great investment option, it also offers CHECK ACCESS, with up to three (3) no-fee checks per month! Dividends are paid monthly. Rates are subject to change (check them out HERE.)

Investment Advisory Services
South Bay Credit Union does not offer these services in-house, however, we established a partnership with BALANCE that will provide services to South Bay Credit Union members.  Click here for more details.