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Financial Resources

South Bay Credit Union has put together several resources to assist you and your family.

Direct Deposit Resources

ID Theft Protection

Millions of US residents have their identifies compromised and used fraudulently each year. In addition, the Identity Theft Resource Center says victims now spend an average of 600 hours recovering from this crime. Read this article that includes 10 tips for avoiding ID fraud. Be smart, be save and have a happy, healthy Holiday Season! Refer to CU*Secure for more helpful tips.


Consumer Education

We Own Our Bank provides financial resources to consumers through our partnership with the credit union trade association, the California Credit Union League. The California Credit Union league represents more than 400 credit unions and their 10 million members. is the federal government’s website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online.  The Federal Trade Commission manages, in partnership with the federal agencies listed below. is a partner in the Stop Think Connect campaign, led by the Department of Homeland Security, and part of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Mortgage Related Resources

There are so many mortgage lending options and questions about the process.  We have a full suite of real estate products and a certified partner on board that can help with products we don’t offer.  Contact Rosemarie at 424-327-9804 and she will help you navigate the process.

Are you curious about Reverse Mortgage Loans?  Watch this episode of “Out of the Rough” from one of our partners, American Family Funding.


Unclaimed Property in California

You may be one of the millions of Californians owed money by the State!

The State of California is currently in possession of more than $6.1 billion in Unclaimed Property belonging to approximately 17.6 million individuals and organizations.  The State acquires unclaimed property through California’s Unclaimed Property Law, which requires “holders” such as corporations, business associations, financial institutions, and insurance companies to annually report and deliver property to the Controller’s Office after there has been no customer contact for three years. Often the owner forgets that the account exists, or moves and does not leave a forwarding address or the forwarding order expires. In some cases, the owner dies and the heirs have no knowledge of the property.

This law gives the State an opportunity to return your money and provides California citizens with a single source, the State Controller’s Office, to check for Unclaimed Property that may be reported by holders from around the nation.  To find out more, visit the Unclaimed Property website hosted by the State of California.  The “Frequently Asked Questions” tab has helpful information about the program and for making claims.