Current Promotions

Promotions come and go, but we’re a Credit Union, gosh darn it. Everyday savings is what we’re about. Our auto loan savings options are the same for a new or used purchases, lease buy-outs, or refinanced auto loans.

Did the dealership give you their best rate? We want to “Beat the dealer’s rate” by 0.25% or more. If our current rates are lower, you will automatically get your lowest qualified rate. Lower rates save you money over the long haul, but immediate gratification feels good too. Get 1% cash back on top of our lowest rate just for choosing to finance with us.

Are you looking to refinance your auto loan from another institution? We offer a 2% rate drop (as low as 1.99%) of your current rate when you refinance your auto loan with us. If you like cash in your account you can opt to get 1% cash back on your refinanced amount instead of a rate drop. It’s your choice.

..but wait there’s more! 60 days no payment for everybody! Every financed auto loan automatically gets an initial 60-day payment vacation. Who doesn’t love a vacation?

Savings that are here to stay, that’s the Credit Union way.