Personal Loan

Fine-tune Your Finances

When you need to make financial adjustments to achieve your goals, a personal loan could be the perfect tool to get the job done.

Eligible borrowers can use the funds to:

  • Make a major purchase
  • Consolidate higher interest rate debt
  • Pay for planned or unexpected expenses

Select a low-interest rate personal loan that meets your needs.

Personal Line of Credit

A pre-approved, revolving line of credit that’s available whenever you need it. Withdraw funds and only repay the borrowed amount. SBCU checking account holders may also use the credit line as overdraft protection.

Signature Loans

Funds are disbursed in one lump sum and require repayment in regular monthly installments.

Unsecured Signature Loans are approved for a specific amount based on minimum creditworthiness and income requirements. No collateral is required.


Share Secured or Certificate-Secured Signature Loans use your savings or share certificate account as collateral to secure the loan at a special low rate while earning dividends.

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