NEXT – Youth Checking

Get started learning big deal money skills like budgeting and paying for your own stuff with an account that’s safe, fun and (duh!) parent approved.

Your Account.
Your Own Debit Card.

We’re huge fans of learning by doing, and NEXT lets kids and teens do that for real, but with safe limits so you can budget your usage and not worry about going over your balance. Plus, it’s super-convenient for parents to transfer money from any institution into your account.

Bonus tip: ask the folks to set up an account notification so you’ll know exactly when your allowance or money for school activities and other stuff hits your NEXT account.

You’ll Love the APP.

Our It’sMe24/7 mobile banking app is easy to use, with all the features you’ll want:

  • Instant account transfers
  • Automatic transfers (so parents can “set it and forget it” with your allowance)
  • Card controls
  • Account alerts
  • Pay Anyone that lets you send money by text
  • Mobile check deposit (for those paper thingies grandma sends)
  • Live chat and text chat

Budget. Balance. Build.

Personalize your debit card, with a style that’s all you. And with debit card in hand, you can set up and manage your own membership accounts like Spotify, or your favorite gaming system (with parent approval of course).

That’s way better than using a parent’s card because it helps you learn and build smart financial habits like sticking to a budget. It also gets you on the way to establishing your own credit rating. So, when you’re ready for the big stuff (like buying your first ride!), you’ll be ahead of the game and maybe even qualify for better rates.

*Restrictions Apply. All minors must qualify for membership based on their home address or the school they currently attend. An original Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, or current school ID in the name of the minor must be provided at the time of account opening. You may be required to bring proof of identification in to a branch before membership can be established. A qualified joint owner, over the age of 18 must provide government-issued identification. The joint will remain on the minor account until the minor is over 18 years old and has requested the removal of the joint in writing. All account disclosures, agreements, and contracts will be binding under the joint owner’s information and responsibility. A debit card authorization form must be signed by the joint prior to ordering a debit card. Any issued credit cards, signature loans, or line-of-credit will be 100% share secured and require a qualified joint owner. Debit, and/or credit cards will not be issued in the name of the joint unless requested. All loans are subject to underwriting review.

We Get It.

Popular opinion isn’t always so popular. We get it, you can’t be boxed into what society says is true of “kid’s these days”. We’re here to help you bank better. Period.