Mobile banking update

A mobile app update is coming your way

We’ve heard your requests and made some changes to the way you gain access to your Mobile Branch App. Gone are the days of having to enter a username, password, AND answer a security question every time you log-in to your Mobile Banking app. With four new ways to access your account, it’s never been easier.

Enroll once and enjoy fast finger access to unlock your favorite Mobile Banking features.

Voice Activation
The set-up is quick and easy. Let the app learn your voice and you’re only a quick verbal statement away from full access.

Face Recognition
Open your app using only your striking good looks. Face Recognition maps your facial features that are unique to you and lets you access your account without typing or saying a word. If only all things were this easy.

No more typing your little heart out with account numbers, passwords, security questions. After set-up, a short 4 digit PIN is all it takes. Short and sweet.

Username and Password
If you’re not a fan of change, you’re in luck too. You can still continue to log-in like before using your account number/username, password, and security question. The choice is all yours.

We promise this update will be way less painful than the new Snapchat update, and beneficial.

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