Member Services

Member Services include the following:

Notary Services
Notary services are available for members. Please schedule an appointment on the for notary services on our Contact Us page or by calling the Main Office (Redondo Beach) at 310.374.3436.

Money Orders

Need to purchase a money order? Product features:

  • Worldwide acceptance provides convenience — accepted more readily than a personal check
  • Reimbursement of funds if lost, stolen or destroyed — security of knowing your negotiable instrument is protected and claims are handled promptly and efficiently
  • Easier to negotiate than checks — no holds are placed on Money Orders at most financial Institutions

Cashiers Checks
Need to purchase a cashier’s check? Cashier’s checks are available for only $3 each. They can be requested within home banking or at a branch location.

Wire Transfers
A wire transfer is the quickest way for you to move funds between your accounts in different financial institutions. It is a fast and easy way to send money to escrow, overseas or to an out-of-state account. find the forms here.

Outgoing Wires
You can wire funds worldwide to any financial institution that accepts these type of transfers. Domestic wire transfers are generally processed the same business day. International wire transfers often take just a few days.

To complete an outgoing wire visit any branch location or contact us at (310) 374-3436. Requests must be made by 1:00 p.m. PST, Monday – Friday.

Incoming Wires
To receive a wire and have it credited to your South Bay Credit Union account, please give the sender this information:

Funds will be wired to: 
Corporate America Credit Union
ABA Routing Number: 262090120 
Credit to Beneficiary: 
South Bay Credit Union
Account Number: 322281028
Final Credit to Recipient:
Your Name & SBCU Account number

Think Before You Wire
Although wire transfers are fast and convenient, they’re also irreversible. Once the money is received by the receiving party, you can’t cancel the transaction. Read wiring safety tips from the Federal Trade Commission.