MACO Mobile Banking Access

Set up your Mobile Banking access and transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills, all on-the-go. Now, with more quick access options like fingerprint scanning, face ID, a pin, or even voice recognition for signing in with ease.

Ensure you have quick access to your South Bay Credit Union account 24/7

Voice Access
After a quick set-up with a secure phrase, access your account with your voice.

Pick a PIN
Choose a 4 digit PIN and bypass entering your username and password to log-in.


Activate your Thumbprint
Only your thumb is required. Grant access to your thumbprints in your phone and you’re in!

Enable Face ID
Smile, you’re accessing your account. Allow your face to unlock your Home Banking app.

Find all of these options in your Mobile Banking App. Now that you can skip past the username and password to access your Home Banking Mobile app, which option will you use? You can choose to keep the Username and Password log-in too. With multiple ways to quickly view your accounts, you’ll be breezing through your mobile banking log-in.
Download the APP today!