Loan Products

South Bay Credit Union offers a wide-range of loan products and services to meet the needs of our members. Whether you are purchasing a new car or your first home, South Bay Credit Union has the right loan for you. Please take a few minutes to explore the links below to the products and services that interest you.

How Do I Make a Loan Payment?

The easiest way to make a loan payment is to set it and forget it.  We offer a number of automatic payment options.   However, we are realists and understand you may not have all your accounts with one financial institution.   More

Apply Online

Our online application only takes a few minutes to complete.  It is helpful to the fhe following information available before your start:  your Social Security Number, employer name and phone number, and you annual income amount.

What’s My Credit Score?

When it comes to credit, your credit score is critical.  Credit reports may affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment requests, or even your job application. A credit score is a three digit number that represents your entire credit history.  Credit scores are designed to help predict how risky you will be as a borrower and what your chances are of making good on loans and other financial obligations.  The scoring system analyzes how you manage each piece of credit (such as credit card accounts, mortgages or home equity loans, car loans, school loans and other debt), and then calculates your credit score based on how you’ve handled your debts over time.

Get your credit score for free! 
We want to be your lifetime financial partner and understand that a credit score is one of the most important components of your financial profile.  As a valuable benefit of membership, South Bay Credit Union provides members their credit scores free of charge.  We will update your credit score at least every 6 months.  This is not a hard pull and will not impact your credit rating and not all members will have their credit score displayed.   Your score will also be updated anytime you apply for credit — so your history may reflect different scores at varying times.

Not all credit scores are equal
Keep in mind, there are many different credit scoring systems with different scales; a “good” credit score depends on the scoring system.  We get our scores from Experian and/or Transunion.  It may or may not be a similar credit score you get from other providers or monitoring services.   In addition, credit scores are in a constant state of flux and frequent small changes up and down over time are typical.

We’d love to have a conversation with you.  If you have any questions about  your score, want us to look for opportunities to save you money or would like to explore tips to improve your score, we invite you to visit with us.

Loan Applications


We have a number of calculators to help you make important decisions such as:

  • Should I refinance?
  • How much car can I afford?
  • How long will it take to pay off my loan?
  • What will my investment be in the future?
  • How much do I need to support my retirement?
  • Should I lease or buy?

To access the calculators that will provide answers to these questions and many more, please click here.

Skip a Pay

Sometimes you just need a break from your loan payments. So for a small fee of $35, we offer members a flexible option to “Skip” a payment on their eligible auto or signature loan once every 6 months. From covering unexpected expenses to freeing up extra cash for an important project, Skip a Pay is another way we can help you take more control over you money.

Easy Online Access – Check to see if your loan qualifies

  1. Log into It’s Me 247 Online Banking.
  2. View your accounts and look for the “SP” icon next to qualifying loans.
  3. Select “SP” and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Submit the request and you’re done!
Snippet from It’s Me 247
What if my loan doesn’t qualify?
See the terms and conditions below, the most likely scenario is that the loan is not 6 months old or it hasn’t been 6 months since your last skip.  You can come back to It’s Me 247 anytime and check for eligibility.
Skip a Payment Terms and Conditions
  1. To qualify, you must have made at least six (6) consecutive on time monthly payments on the loan at issue, and at least six (6) months must have elapsed since your last skipped payment under a prior Skip A Pay program. If you have modified your loan within the last 36 months you will not qualify for the Skip A pay program. You cannot skip more than 2 payments in a calendar year.
  2. A processing fee of $35.00 per loan will apply.  If you are not approved for the Skip a Pay, your fee will be refunded.  You must maintain a minimum of $5 in your savings account at all times.
  3. Loans secured by real property, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) or loans with force-placed insurance are not eligible.
  4. When you skip a payment, interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the month(s) you skip, which may result in paying higher interest over the life of the loan. Credit insurance protection premiums charges (if applicable) will continue to accrue. On closed-end loans, your loan maturity date will be extended by one month (or a one month “equivalent”) for each monthly payment you skip.
  5. If your loan is paid via payroll deduction or other automatic deduction, the deduction will occur as it normally would. The amount of the deduction normally applied to your loan will then be deposited into your savings or checking account. If your loan is paid via a transfer from your SBCU savings or checking account, the payment will be adjusted during your skipped month(s) and no funds transferred.
  6. For members who have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), claim coverage does not extend to the amount of payment(s) deferred.  In addition, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date.
  7. Your regular monthly loan payments (and any preauthorized transfers) shall resume in the month immediately following your skipped payment(s).

Sign online with DocuSign

We’ve made getting a loan with South Bay Credit Union even easier and more convenient. We now offer members the option of signing their auto and unsecured loan applications electronically using DocuSign.* Say goodbye to faxes, shipping and making extra trips to our branches. With DocuSign, you’ll have the money you need in no time. And, because there’s no paper to sign, it’s good for the environment!

DocuSign lets you receive your loan documents via a secure email. Each DocuSign document comes with an easy-to-understand electronic prompt to guide you on how to sign your loan electronically. Your loan documents will also be available for download. Once you sign for your loan, the credit union will be notified—and we’ll fund your loan. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The best in security
With DocuSign, you’ll have the peace of mind that your sensitive documents will not get lost in the mail. You can also be confident that your transaction is secure. DocuSign is the leading electronic signature solution among Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies, passing rigorous security audits. After all, we demand only the best for our members.

Ask for DocuSign. It’s “the fastest way to get a signature!”