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Better yet, tell your friends and family something good. We hope that you love banking with us as much as we love having you as our member and we want more members just like you.

With local branches, convenient mobile access, low rates, and fees, we think we’re pretty easy to love.

No good deed goes unnoticed here which is why we want to not only thank you for referring your friends and family but we want to thank your friends and family for giving us a shot. With each qualified referral, we would love to give you $25 and for showing us some love.

*Some restrictions do apply but as long as they qualify for membership, you should be good to go.

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*Referral must qualify for membership. Membership must be established by the referred to receive the payout. One referral payout per new membership. If more than one referral is submitted for an individual, the first referral submission received will be qualified to receive referral payout. Payouts will be distributed within 30 days of new account opening. Referral submission expires after 30 days. Payout subject to change. At our discretion, South Bay Credit Union has the right to withhold payout.