Regular Savings or Kids under 18 years old

Teach good savings habits early…
Every dollar you save is one step closer to reaching your goals.

We will provide you a Goal Savings Passbook to track your progress. A Goal Savings Passbook is a fun way to teach good saving habits. Set a goal to buy a toy, computer, gaming device. Save for a trip, party or charity. We’ll give you a passbook to track your savings and help you celebrate when you reach your set goal.

Saving is Fun!
Plus, when you visit the credit union to make deposits, we have a Treasure Chest of fun surprises to reward you too!

Saving some extra change from around the house?
We don’t have a coin machine here, but we will reimburse you for change conversion you’ve completed at any CoinStar machine (generally found in grocery stores). We will reimburse you the 9.8% fee, up to $10 for each transaction. Just bring in the grocery store receipt (it will say CoinStar) and deposit for your Sand Dollar Account. We’ll do the rest.

Come in and start a Sand Dollar Kids Account today!
A minimum deposit of $5 can start your account.
You must be eligible to join the credit union (and parents, you’ll need to come in too.)


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