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Updating Your Automatic Payments

Updating Your Automatic Payments Using Your New Visa Debit Card

Updating Your Automatic Payments:

1. Activate: Your new SBCU Debit Card should be activated immediately upon arrival.

2. Update Your Automatic Payments: Identify your automatic withdrawal transactions linked to your old Mastercard debit card. These may include subscriptions, utility bills, loan payments, and any other recurring charges.

  • Please note, any automatic payments tied to your savings or checking account will be unaffected. 

3. Update Payment Information: Visit company websites or contact the service providers associated with each automatic payment and provide your new Visa debit card expiration date and CVV number.

Your current Mastercard Debit Card will no longer be active as of September 18, 2023. If you do not receive your new Visa Debit Card by then, please call immediately. Continue to use your current debit card until September 17; make the switch to using your new card on September 18. Automatic payments will need to be activated after September 18. Mobile Wallets will be coming soon, in October 2023.