HR Benefits Package

Sweeten your employee benefits

Offer your team the many benefits of a South Bay Credit Union membership. There are no crazy hoops to jump through. No minimum balances to keep. And none of those pesky service fees to put a damper on things. All at no cost to you.

  • Free lifetime membership and direct deposit.
  • Free checking account and SBCU debit card.
  • Free online banking and mobile app.
  • Free credit score evaluations 24/7 through Savvy Money.

Sweeten your employee benefits and become a Community Business Partner with South Bay Credit Union. We look forward to our team serving you and your team. Read more about all the benefits your employees can take advantage of in the CU Work, Employee portal.

Submit a letter of intent on your company’s letterhead using the link above, and we’ll do the rest.

Questions? Email Heather Steele at or call 424.327.9784

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