Gaming Apps: Time Killers And Thrillers

Whatever you might want or wish for, there’s an app for that! You can download an app to help
you create a grocery list, manage your finances, connect with family and friends and schedule
your dentist appointment. And then there are the gaming apps.

Just for fun, these apps are wildly popular, with gaming app downloads outdoing every other category and totaling more than 2.27 billion downloads from the Apple App Store.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or you like to dabble in gaming apps while waiting in line
somewhere or traveling, we’ve got the goods for you. We’ve rounded up eight of the most
popular and free gaming apps, along with a brief description of each so you can choose the
ones that suit your style best.
Happy gaming!

Fortnite (Android)
If you’re an erstwhile arcade aficionado, you’ll love Fortnite. The wildly popular game is
equipped with arcade-like aesthetics and unveils new weapons, challenges and game modes
each week. Plus, you can pick up a game you started on your mobile device and continue it on
your desktop computer for non-stop fun.

Knight Brawl (Apple)
This one is for the secret medieval hero inside you. Use your weapons and shields to fight
opponents and boast about your big wins to other players while in the game’s characters’ inn.
Aside from the basic battles, the app also offers super-challenging missions for the diehard
knights out there.

Kazarma (Android)
Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? Prepare for takeoff! This game will really take you places as you zoom along Kazarma, an ancient bridge connecting all human colonies within the galaxy. Ward off aliens with your neon zapper, and enjoy a new game each time with the app’s procedurally generated levels. You’ll only need your thumb to play Kazarma, making it a perfect choice for mobile devices.

Shadowgun Legends (Apple)
With super-sophisticated visuals and a first-person perspective, Shadowgun Legends is a top-rated app for good reason. Navigate the game easily with both thumbs, and get drawn into a
fast-paced world of danger and intrigue. It’s a perfect adventure for the braver soul.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 (Android)
Travel back in time to a world of dinosaurs, gigantic sea creatures, fire-breathing dragons, and
dinky old wagons. Your dilapidated vehicle is your lifeline, and you’ll need to find shortcuts, use power-ups, blast your enemies to the heavens and maintain top speed so you reach the
checkered flag before your opponents. Beware: This game is addictive!

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Android)
Asphalt 8: Airborne, gives a slight nod toward realism with true-to-life locations, and will have
you devouring miles of road at dizzying speed. A thrilling racing game, this app lets you blast
through volcanoes, soar into the air and blaze through rocket launch sites as you make a mad
dash for the finish line.

PinOut! (Apple)
Get ready for some old-fashioned fun! PinOut is what happens when iconic arcade gaming
meets 21st century visuals. It’s pinball reinvented, with extra challenges forcing you to find the
most efficient way to the next table, grab some dots and beat a ticking timer before your game is up. With incredible graphics and sound effects, PinOut is your ticket to a nostalgic trip back to the ‘90s.

One Tap Rally (Android)
With a single finger, you can join the race of a lifetime! One Tap Rally lets you steer, brake and
own that racetrack until you beat your opponents to move up to the next level. Mix speed and
strategy in this beauty of a racer, perfect for your mobile device.

With so many free apps to choose from, it’s a world of nonstop fun and adventure in gaming

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