Summer savings

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of our auto loan offers. Our auto loan savings options are the same for new or used purchases, lease buy-outs, or refinanced auto loans.

Are you looking to refinance your auto loan from another institution? We offer a 2% rate drop (as low as 2.49%)** from your current rate when you refinance your auto loan financed at another financial institution with us.

Maybe you aren’t worried about the rate but you would love to have a lower payment. We’ve got that option too. You can choose to drop your payment by 20%** instead of lowering your rate. Keep the current rate that you financed your loan at and bring down that payment to give you extra cash every month.

Did the dealership give you their best rate? We want to “Beat the dealer’s rate” by 0.25% or more. If our current rates are lower, you will automatically get your lowest qualified rate. Lower rates save you money over the long haul.

..but wait there’s more! You get a 60 day no pay, and you get a 60 day no pay, 60 days no payment for everybody! Every financed auto loan automatically gets an initial 60-day payment vacation. Who doesn’t love a vacation?

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*APY= Annual percentage yield. **2% APY rate drop, and or 20% payment drop offer is available only to auto loans not currently financed by South Bay Credit Union. Offer good until August 31st, 2018.