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Becoming a partner

Give every employee the opportunity to earn more and save more when you join SBCU as a Community Business Partner

When you partner with SBCU as a Community Business Partner,  you provide your employees with the opportunity to better manage their money. Your no-cost partnership with SBCU lets employees take advantage of the free services, great rates, and financial education programs:

$5 for every qualifying employee

When your employees show verification of employment, they can receive $5 by signing up for a free checking account and debit card at SBCU, with any two of these other services:1

  • Direct deposit.
  • An SBCU credit card.2
  • A new loan of $5,000 or more.2
  • E-statements for your checking or credit card account.
  • Active SBCU bill pay

Enhance your employee benefits as a Community Business Partner with South Bay Credit Union.  We look forward to our team serving you and your team. Read more about all the benefits your employees can take advantage of in the CU Work, Employee portal

Let’s Get Started
Just submit a letter of intent on your company’s letterhead, and we’ll do the rest. Questions? Email Heather Steele at or call 424.327.9784.

Download the Letter of Intent


1After you establish your new SBCU services, SBCU will deposit $5 into your account within 30 days.
2SBCU loans, including auto, home equity, personal, and home, are subject to approval.