Credit Cards

Increase Your Purchasing Power

A low-interest rate SBCU Visa® credit card could be the financial tool you need to expand your purchasing power. With credit limits up to $25,000, adding a credit card to your personal finance toolkit could help you achieve your goals. Use the card anywhere Visa is accepted. Easy access to hotel accommodations, transportation, entertainment, and cash when you need it.

Select a credit card that meets your needs:

Unsecured Platinum Visa Credit Card

Preferred by members who want to benefit from the convenience and flexibility of a credit card that offers:

  • No annual fee
  • Auto rental and travel accident insurance
  • Free payment reminder text alerts
  • Low interest rates and minimum monthly payment requirements
  • Real-time card management via Home Banking or the Mobile Banking App
  • And more!

Apply for an Unsecured Platinum Visa Credit Card Today!

Share Secured Visa Credit Card

Ideal for members who need to establish new credit or rebuild damaged credit

How It Works

Use your Share Secured Card like any other credit card. Your credit limit is determined by your secured South Bay Credit Union Share-Savings account balance.

All features and benefits are the same as our Platinum VISA card, except the credit line on your Secured Card will equal the balance in your account. Responsible use may qualify you for an unsecured card with a higher credit limit.

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