Credit Builder

We get it, life happens. We’re here to help. Find a secured way to get your credit back on its feet with a few different options to choose from.

Credit Builder Loan

How it works:

You will apply just like a regular loan, supplying proof of income sufficient to make your loan payment. Your request will be reviewed, and if approved, we will book a small loan on your behalf.

Opposite of a regular personal loan, you will not have any loan funds available to begin with. As you make your loan payments on time, we will release the funds you’ve paid (minus the interest.)


$500 loan = $50 monthly payment

You will receive $50 (minus the interest) deposited in your savings account available to you.

We will report your loan to the credit bureaus as a personal loan to show that you can make on-time payments on a consistent basis.

An added bonus – You can request to lock the available funds in your savings account and have your own money saved up at the end of your loan term.

Share Secured Loan

How it works:

Similar to the Credit Builder Loan, you will submit an application and paystubs. The difference is, you choose the loan amount you want by providing that amount of money up-front. We lock the money in your savings and make it all available to you as you pay it down.

You will be paying yourself back (and paying interest to us) on a monthly basis. We will report your on-time payments to the credit bureaus. It’s a win/win – no risk to us, and you can use your own money to build your credit.

Share Secured Visa Credit Card

A Share Secured Visa is identical to a shared secure loan with the added benefit of being a revolving line of credit. You choose the credit limit you would like to have and we secure your deposit in your savings. You’ll receive a Visa Credit Card with the limit you set and have access to those funds immediately.

You can increase your limit anytime with additional secured deposits, or close out your credit line and receive the funds (minus any balance held) back.

Your Credit Score

Have you checked your credit score recently? As an SBCU Member, you have access to free credit score information and offers that are suited for your needs. Find out more at Savvy Money by clicking below.

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