Lobby Closure

We assure you the Credit Union is fully functioning and we are working hard to continue to serve you.

Our lobbies are CLOSED

as of: 03/19/2020

Please check here daily for the latest updates on lobby closures and re-open dates. Be assured that all processes and functions of the Credit Union are still being maintained during regular business hours and beyond.  If necessary we will be assisting you in-branch through our interactive (video) teller function using our ATM’s at each location. In addition, we encourage the use of additional co-op ATM’s in order for you to access cash outside of our locations. Please use caution and only visit the branches if absolutely necessary.

During this time we want to encourage you to utilize all of the ways to access your money through our electronic services.

Online Banking

Mobile Banking

CU Live – Video Chat Banking

Text Banking

Remote Check Deposit

Debit and Credit Card Controls

Live Chat (desktop version)

Find an ATM

Mobile Pays

Make an Appointment

or call or text direct

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you from the South Bay Credit Union Team.

If you are having financial difficulties at this time, please reach out to us. Review our Emergency Relief Program for more ways that we may assist you.