Endless Summer Savings

Suns out, guns out It’s Summer time! You should be out enjoying the sunshine, not worrying about high rates and loan payments. With different ways to save this summer, South Bay Credit Union is your… (more)

DocuSign breach

DocuSign had their email list breached and we expect there will be several spoofed messages with familiar sounding domain names.  South Bay CU was a previous client of DocuSign.  And given that DocuSign is very common… (more)

Money Genius – Credit Card Payments

High Balance on your credit card?  Keep making the same payment, not just the minimum payment. Check with us to see if we can reduce your rate and set up automatic payments for convenience. Just… (more)

It’s time to get fit!

Your Path to Financial Fitness Starts Here We care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with… (more)

Holiday Fun

December to Remember- Have you stopped by one of our locations on a Friday in the month of December? If you have, you may have noticed our “Ugly” Holiday sweaters getting progressively “uglier” throughout the… (more)

What’s New at SBCU

2016 has been a big year of “New” for SBCU. For starters, have you checked out this new website?  While most of these upgrades and enhancements have been in the works for a long time, 2016… (more)

Miracle Challenge

Let’s get physical for 27 Days of fitness. Our staff has committed to 27 days of wellness through multiple activities all to benefit Children’s Miracle Network starting September 1st. We are encouraged to raise $10… (more)

Miracle Jeans Day

Stop by one of our branches on September 14th and you will find the staff in jeans and Miracle Jeans Day t-shirts. Ask us why and we’ll tell you “For the Kids”. Miracle Jeans Day… (more)

Broadcast Text Phishing

SECURITY BULLETIN – Broadcast Text Phishing Fraudulent text messages are being sent to consumers in an effort to steal personally identifiable information. Financial institutions have reported an increased volume in these attacks since May 22,… (more)