9 ways to stay ready when it comes to ID theft

Your Guide To Identity Theft Protection Did you know there were 14.4 million victims of identity theft in 2018? According to Javelin Strategy, each case cost the victim an average of $1,050, and that’s only… (more)

Sharing is caring. Saving is better

Saving money can be easy if you share some of the expenses with a friend. Check out 5 helpful hints here.  (Bonus tip #6: Save even more money by not buying a snowblower because… (more)

Adulting like a boss

14 Scout Badges They Should Make for “Adulting” As an adult, every day has its challenges. But somewhere along the line, we stopped recognizing these daily ‘wins.’ Scouts get merit badges for their achievements, and… (more)

Gmail calendar phishing scam

1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users Are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam Users of Google’s Calendar app are being warned about a scam that takes advantage of the popularity of the free service… (more)

The IRS isn’t calling you

You’ve probably gotten one of these calls: They say it’s the IRS and they’re filing a lawsuit against you for back taxes. They may threaten to arrest or deport you. What do you do? Watch… (more)

Annual Meeting

Friday, April 26th we will be hosting our annual meeting at our Lomita location. We are excited to share with our membership the previous year accomplishments and our future plans. Your participation is encouraged as… (more)