Beware Car-Wrap Scams

The fake-check scam is a tried-and-true scheme with dozens of variations. One such variation, the car-wrap scam has recently become more widespread and successful. In this scam, well-known “brands” post ads or send mass emails… (more)

Sharing is caring. Saving is better

Saving money can be easy if you share some of the expenses with a friend. Check out 5 helpful hints here.  (Bonus tip #6: Save even more money by not buying a snowblower because… (more)

Adulting like a boss

14 Scout Badges They Should Make for “Adulting” As an adult, every day has its challenges. But somewhere along the line, we stopped recognizing these daily ‘wins.’ Scouts get merit badges for their achievements, and… (more)

Gmail calendar phishing scam

1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users Are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam Users of Google’s Calendar app are being warned about a scam that takes advantage of the popularity of the free service… (more)