It’s Back to School time

Back to School Savings

It’s that time of year. Summer’s coming to an end, the kids are heading back to school, the seasons will soon be changing… All of these changes don’t have to change your opportunities to save with our loan options. Any season is a great time to save on your loan rates. Check out your everyday savings options below.

Auto Loan

Our auto loan savings options are the same for new or used purchases, lease buy-outs, or refinanced auto loans.

Did the dealership give you their best rate? We want to “Beat the dealer’s rate” by 0.25% or more. If our current rates are lower, you will automatically get your lowest qualified rate. Lower rates save you money over the long haul just for choosing to finance with us.

Are you looking to refinance your auto loan from another institution? We offer a 2% rate drop (as low as 1.99%) from your current rate when you refinance your auto loan with us.

..but wait there’s more! 60 days no payment for everybody! Every financed auto loan automatically gets an initial 60-day payment vacation. Who doesn’t love a vacation?

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be used for multiple purposes but our favorite has to be for a vacation, are we right? Use a vacations loan to cover your annual summer fun. With options to pay it off within a year or less, you’ll be good to go for next years getaway.

Planning a road trip this summer? A personal loan can take care of those car repairs prior to hitting the road.

With rates as low as 8.25% consolidate your credit card balances to free up some spending money. The possibilities are endless, just like we wish summer was.

Visa Credit Cards

Fixed Interest rates as low as 8.99%, and no balance transfer fees are a great way to lower interest payments.  Transfer high rate balances and save big.

With no over the limit fees or surprise interest rate hikes you can be confident in your credit card rate staying right where you started.