Banking, Your Way

There are so many ways to access your South Bay Credit Union accounts, it’s really up to you how you prefer to bank.

We get it, some days a quick glance at your mobile app, or a text of your balance is enough; and other days you need a Relationship Manager to guide you through your membership.  We are here to making banking as easy as possible, no matter how you choose to access us, we’re here for you. Banking your way.

Find out more ways for you to always have access to your money 24/7

Virtual Banking

Let’s get this virtual party started. With more ways to access us on-the-go, virtual banking has never been easier, or more convenient. Learn about what you can do with virtual banking with South Bay Credit Union.


Welcome to our website, it holds way more information that anyone cares to read. We use our website as an information hub for all things South Bay Credit Union. All of our account forms, new product information, community events, how-to’s, and so much more all live on our website. We take pride in assisting our members in the same manner they would self serve if we weren’t available. We walk in our member’s shoes, testing out the experience as we service their needs. When a member comes into our branches to get a form, our staff gets that form from our website, just like a member would. If we have access to information “why shouldn’t you have it too?” is our philosophy. If you have a whole lot of time to kill and have an affinity for reading, dive into our online bank and find out more. Pro Tip: by typing in keywords in the search bar on the top right you can sift through tons of information and find exactly what you need.

Home Banking

Home banking through ItsMe24/7 is your portal into your accounts. As a member home banking gives you access to almost all of the same account functions as our front line staff. View deposits, monitor withdrawals, transfer funds, check pending transactions, even print cashier’s checks at a branch. (the log-in is hovering on the top of this page)

Mobile App

24×7 access to your account information.  See transaction history, pay bills, transfer money, open certificates, open an account, finance your dreams, and so much more! Mobile Check Deposit – Included. Conveniently make a check deposit just by using your phone — no need to come to a branch.  Deposits received are posted within 24 hours. Available on your mobile app under Move Money, Deposit Check. You can also make a check deposit by using your phone.  In the APP store, search “South Bay Credit Union” or click here for iPhone or Android.

Text Banking

Enroll in Text Banking by logging in to Home Banking and clicking on the “Go Mobile” button on the It’s Me 247 toolbar. Then select Text Banking Home to access the enrollment screens. After enrollment, text commands to IM247 (46247). Find out more

Call or Text

You know, the old fashioned way. Receive live responses during regular business hours through talk or text at 310-374-3436. Texting isn’t as secure as other forms of communication so please be mindful of texting sensitive information but we’ll be more than happy to call you back to talk about your account needs.


We have physical locations too and we think they’re pretty cool. Find a branch that fits your needs conveniently located around the south bay. Find your location here. Book an appointment in real-time and take the guesswork out of your visit. Book an appointment.

In Branch

All three locations are conveniently located throughout the South Bay to serve our members where they need us. Each location has a different look and feels designed to cater to the neighborhood they are a part of. Branch Hours


Each South Bay Credit Union location is equipped with the latest ATM technology, securely located in their own after-hours vestibule. Receive your cash in multiple denominations based on your withdrawal request. You’re not going to be stuck with a bunch of $20 dollar bills, and you can cash a check down to the dollar. Did you leave the South Bay bubble and are in need of cash? Find CO-OP Credit Union surcharge-free ATMs across the nation. That includes all 7-11 stores, Walgreens, and Costco ATM machines too. Find an ATM in the CO-OP network here.


All the things an ATM can do plus an individual representative. Video chat with your teller through the South Bay Credit Union ATMs. During business hours, we’ve added more tellers to assist you the same way they would behind the counter. That means you’ll be less likely to receive check holds (because they already know you), you can inquire about account activity, make adjustments to account information, and sooo much more. Find out more here.

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