2nd Trust Deeds

Whenever you tap the equity in your home for a specific goal or purchase, a closed-end 2nd TD is ideal. It lets you control monthly expenses and makes budget planning easier.

Borrow up to $500,000 (or up to 80% of appraised value, less 1st Trust Deed, owner-occupied)

Contact Information – Mortgage Department

Rosemarie Valdez – NMLS #614019
Direct: 424.327.9804
Fax: 424.275.4386
Email: mortgage@southbaycu.com

Ivette Plascencia – NMLS #1908498
Direct: 424.327.9797
Fax: 424.275.4386
Email: mortgage@southbaycu.com

Please send pay off requests to mortgage@southbaycu.com or fax your request to 424.275.4386

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